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Stacey's QDRO services

Stacey's QDRO services include:

  • Initial consultation (some aspects of the QDRO process that are listed below can be accomplished during the initial consultation)

  • Pre-dissolution consulting services to client or to client's general divorce counsel concerning all issues relating to identification of / division of retirement benefits, including recommending or drafting retirement division language for use in the general divorce judgment or settlement instrument

  • Review of dissolution judgment

  • Establish contact with relevant retirement plan administrator(s) and determine plan’s QDRO/DRO procedures

  • Preparation of court order that will succeed in awarding and assigning retirement benefits

  • Circulation of draft order to parties, opposing counsel, plan administration

  • Filing of (Q)DRO with the Court (e-file in any Oregon county circuit court)

  • Presentation of final order to retirement plan for “qualification” and administration

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