Estate Planning services emphasize developing estate and wealth management and distribution plans for individuals or couples. Stacey develops a comprehensive plan that accommodates each client's financial situation and estate planning objectives (which can include privacy concerns, costs, expediency, dead-hand-control, providing for minors, appointment of guardians and conservators for minors, planning for incapacity, disposition of bodily remains, etc.).  She emphasizes flexibility and endurance in your estate plan, so that it will weather routine changes in your life, minimizing the need for subsequent modifications to your plan.  Stacey's approach is collaborative and structured. She will match you with the appropriate estate...


A (Qualified) Domestic Relations Order is a court order that authorize a retirement Plan to lawfully administer and distribute retirement benefits to a retirement plan participant's spouse or former spouse due to divorce.  Stacey represents clients who are either currently divorcing or who have already divorced and are needing a (Q)DRO to carry-out a previous award of a retirement interest. She provides expert representation in this context, including identifying retirement benefits in the divorce and post-divorce setting, advising on methods of division, and preparing the (Q)DRO.  

Retirement benefits are financial...

Stacey's QDRO services include:

  • Initial consultation (some aspects of the QDRO process that are listed below can be accomplished during the initial consultation)

  • Pre-dissolution consulting services to client or to client's general divorce counsel concerning all issues relating to identification of / division of retirement benefits, including recommending or drafting retirement division language for use in the general divorce judgment or settlement instrument

  • Review of dissolution judgment

  • Establish contact with relevant retirement plan administrator(s) and determine plan’s QDRO/DRO procedures

  • Preparation of court order that will succeed in awarding and assigning retirement benefits 

  • Circulatio...

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